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Gosfield School’s Early Years Program Wins Prestigious ISA Award for Excellence and Innovation

Posted: 14th November 2023


Gosfield School’s Early Years Program Wins Prestigious Independent Schools Association Award for  Excellence and Innovation 

We are thrilled to announce that Gosfield School’s Early Years program has been named the winner  of the prestigious ISA Award for Excellence and Innovation. The Early Years program at Gosfield  School has consistently shone as a beacon of excellence and innovation, setting new standards in  early childhood education. 

Gosfield School’s Early Years program was chosen as the recipient of this national award, recognising  their outstanding contribution to this field. The Independent Schools Association’s adjudicators were  impressed by the remarkable work being done by the Early Years Team, acknowledging their  unrivalled enthusiasm, experience, and commitment to nurturing every child and providing them  with a rich, adventurous learning experience and the best of possible starts to their lifelong  educational journey. 

Mrs. Heather Bougeard, Head of Gosfield Prep School and Nursery, expressed her delight, saying,  “Excellence and innovation are at the heart of our school, and this journey begins with our youngest  learners. Working closely with the Early Years Team has been a privilege, and their dedication to  helping every child reach their full potential and flourish as individuals is truly exceptional. I would  like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Mrs. Smith (Head of EYFS), Mrs. Gibbons (Nursery  Manager), and the entire EYFS team for their outstanding hard work and dedication, which has been  rightfully recognized with this esteemed award.” 

Gosfield School is proud to be a leader in early childhood education and remains committed to  fostering excellence and innovation for all its students. This prestigious award underscores the  school’s dedication to providing the highest quality education from the very beginning of a child’s  educational journey. 

Also highlighted in the recent Independent Schools Inspection (November 2022), Gosfield School’s  Prep School and Early Years program has achieved remarkable outcomes: 

  • Children in the EYFS and Prep School make “excellent progress.” 
  • They demonstrate “excellent communication skills” and are “respectful and considerate  when interacting with one another.” 
  • Children have “a strong understanding of their responsibilities to each other and the local  community.” 
  • They are encouraged to “understand and celebrate diverse cultures” and “be themselves and  accept others.” 
  • Children possess “a highly developed sense of self-understanding” due to strong pastoral  care. 
  • Staff nurture positive attitudes through enthusiastic and warm praise. 

Parent Testimonial: “Gosfield Nursery is the place if you want your child to go above and beyond,  while enjoying every single minute. The care the staff show the children is simply amazing… The  range of activities available is wonderful, my child didn’t know she was learning as she was learning  through play. The Nursery is certainly head and shoulders above any I have personally seen and  couldn’t be more grateful for the progress my child made.” 

Gosfield School’s Early Years program sets an exemplary standard in education, emphasising the  importance of nurturing young minds and building strong foundations for a bright future. Winning

the ISA Award for Excellence and Innovation serves as a testament to the school’s dedication and  unwavering commitment to the well-being and growth of the children placed in its care. 

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We are always happy to welcome prospective families and personalised tours can be requested by  emailing There are limited places available in Gosfield Prep  School and Nursery available for an immediate start. We encourage parents to register their interest  now for September 2024. The School’s Open Morning takes place on Saturday 16th March 2024.  More information about Gosfield School can also be found on their website, found here

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Ethan Gilbert 

Marketing Officer 

01787 474 040 

About Gosfield School: 

Gosfield School is a prestigious educational institution renowned for its commitment to academic  excellence and holistic development. With a strong emphasis on resilience, adaptability, and  innovation, the school prepares students to face challenges head-on and achieve outstanding results.  The dedicated teaching staff and comprehensive curriculum at Gosfield School ensure that children  receive a well-rounded education, empowering them to reach their full potential.

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Gosfield School’s Early Years Program Wins Prestigious ISA Award for Excellence and Innovation

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