Academic Learning and Achieving Full Potential

Gosfield School is committed to providing an academic and enriching education which will challenge and engage students, to provide them with a secure foundation on which to continue into further education and/or into their chosen careers.

Although emphasis is placed upon academic success, it is important that as much attention is given to those who find the work challenging as to the high-fliers. Staff are expected to monitor academic performances closely and take remedial action promptly in the case of those students who are struggling.  All staff are fully aware of the target grades for their students and are dedicated to ensuring that they achieve or exceed them. Students are expected to give of their best and are encouraged to develop their natural talents to the full.  Modest results for students who may find academic work challenging are as worthy of recognition as are outstanding results for others who may be academically gifted.

The School is responsible not only for the physical safety and well-being of the students, but also for their psychological safety and well-being. We encourage the development of self-confidence and self-esteem in all students as this is vital for learning.

We believe that students learn best when they:
•   are happy
•   are interested and motivated
•   achieve success and gain approval
•   clearly understand the task
•   are confident, feel secure and are aware of boundaries
•   are challenged and stimulated

Learning takes place in an environment which:
•   is challenging and stimulating
•   is happy and caring
•   is organised
•   makes learning accessible
•   is encouraging and appreciative
•   provides equal opportunities

If at any time, you are concerned or have a question regarding your child’s academic progress, contact us straight away so that we can support as needed. Your first port of call should be your child’s Form Tutor; please see below for contact details.

About Our Curriculum

The aim of Gosfield School is to deliver a curriculum which meets the needs of all in a manner that stimulates, challenges, excites and encourages each student to question and enjoy the opportunities available to them. This aim underpins the whole school approach to curriculum planning and at Gosfield School we believe that every student is entitled to a curriculum which is rich and varied, challenging and inspiring, and one which enables and provides the opportunity for each student to fulfil his/her potential to the highest possible standard.

The staff at Gosfield ensure that this balanced curriculum leads to a good education.  Our teachers are well qualified and very dedicated, ensuring students feel happy and secure, whilst at the same time fully challenged in their learning.

The curriculum is reviewed each year as we continually strive to improve our facilities to ensure that our students are provided with the best possible learning environment.

The current curriculum outlines for each subject on offer in Years 7 to 13 can be found here.

Assistant Principal AcademicMrs H


Learning in Years 7 to 11

In the Senior School, we encourage students to take greater responsibility for their own education. However, we appreciate that each student will reach this level of responsibility at different times according to their maturity and motivation.

Maintaining good academic progress is important, and every student is closely monitored by subject teachers, Heads of Department, Form Tutors as well as the Key Stage Director of Learning.

The Directors of Learning works with the Form Tutors and Heads of Houses to:
• Raise expectations and instil confidence in students
• Improve individual performance
• Keep students and parents informed about progress and anticipated grades
• Identify any underperformance and provide support
• Celebrate success and ensure that each student’s talents are grown

Key Stage 3

In Years 7, 8 and 9, students follow the National Curriculum, delivering all compulsory subjects, with the addition of Food Technology, Politics and, for Years 7 and 8, Forest School. A comprehensive programme of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is also part of the curriculum with the core themes of wellbeing relationships and living in the wider world.

Year 7 Form Tutors

Mrs I West

Mrs M Flynn-Haddon

Year 8 Form Tutors

Mrs L Yeomans

Mr M Gibbons

Year 9 Form Tutors

Mr P Bennett

Mr N Bell

Key Stage 3 Director of LearningMr P


Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11, students study mandatory core GCSE subjects: English, Mathematics, and Science. All students also have lessons in PE and PSHE. Alongside these subjects, students can choose to study four Options of their choice. Many subjects offer extra-curricular activities that provide support and extension work to students who show particular interest in the area.

Year 10 Form Tutors

Mrs M Steel

Mr M McCormack
Year 11 Form Tutors

Mrs J Allwood

Mr D Paige

Key Stage 4 Director of LearningMr D
Exams OfficerMrs N


Sixth Form

In Years 12 and 13, students usually select three or four A Levels. These are complemented by Life Skills lessons, Games, and a range of further opportunities such as the Finance Qualification.

Head of 6th Form and Year 12/13 TutorMrs C
Exams OfficerMrs N


Individual Learning Needs

At Gosfield School we screen students for learning difficulties and special educational needs. We also act upon any information passed on by the student’s previous school. We highlight those students who are more able, gifted and talented and those who have specific learning difficulties. The provision for a student with a learning difficulty depends on a student’s need being formally diagnosed and may include such help as support within a classroom and/or individual and group support outside the classroom. More able and gifted and talented students are provided with opportunities to extend their knowledge in extension work in the classroom. There are activities which stretch and challenge these students and they are closely monitored. Teaching staff are well informed, have up to date knowledge of effective learning and teaching strategies and are skilled at teaching students with learning difficulties and those with particular special educational needs.

Assistant Principal SENCOMrs A




The aim of homework at Gosfield School is to support the curriculum and develop student achievement and progress.


The purpose of homework is
• To reinforce, support and help in the understanding of work covered in class
• To enable completion of courses in sufficient depth and breadth
• To develop independent study skills, including research and revision
• To enable students to establish a routine for study

Senior Homework

A maximum of four pieces of homework are set on any one day. Homework timetables are produced at the start of the academic year by the Assistant Principal Academic for Senior School students in Years 7 – 9. This year’s homework timetable can be found here. Due to the nature of studies for exam classes, Homework Timetables are not produced for students in Years 10 and above, but regular homework will be set.

Subject teachers set homework following this timetable:

Year 7 20 – 30 minutes each piece
Year 8 25 – 35 minutes each piece
Year 9 30 – 40 minutes each piece
Year 10 40 – 45 minutes each piece
Year 11 45 – 50 minutes each piece

6th Form Students typically have 2 or 3 study periods for each subject taken and 3 hours of additional homework per subject as a minimum. In addition, students are expected to undertake personal research to support their studies.

Homework may be set to be completed during the holiday periods.


The nature of homework will vary between year groups, classes and topics of study. The homework set by the teacher will be differentiated to reflect the ability of the students.

Homework Responsibilities

• Have their homework published on Show My Homework.
• Ask if they have not understood the homework set
• Ensure they have everything they need to do their homework before starting
• Ensure homework is completed and presented to the best of their abilities following the guidance provided.

• Aspires to provide clear instructions for homework and ensure that all students have plenty of time to copy down work set or are given printed/online instructions
• Provides Senior parents and students with access to Show my Homework, an online communication and tracking tool for homework. Students have an individual login which allows them to access the homework set by their teachers. They can completed work online and use the website to help them organise their time
• Provides a homework timetable for younger students to support their planning in advance
• Aspires to provide clear instructions for homework
• Marks homework regularly and in line with the school Marking and Assessment Policies
• Communicates to students and parents any concerns regarding the completion and quality of students’ homework.

• Check SMHW each day to check what has been set and done
• Ask to see a selection of the work carried out and discuss it with students
• Help students organise their time to best advantage
• Ensure students have suitable working conditions at home to carry out their homework
• Let the school know if students are spending too much or too little time on their homework
• Let the school know if students are finding the work too easy or too difficult
• Let the school know if a student is ill or otherwise unable to complete homework set.

Homework Standards

It is expected that homework is carried out to the best of a student’s ability and is handed in on time. We ask our parents to support this expectation. This gives students valuable experience of working to deadlines and facilitates all students receiving their marked work back swiftly.

Homework meeting appropriate standards will be celebrated with positive marks, comments and often merits.

Homework not handed in or not to an appropriate standard will result in further action:
• The teacher will discuss the situation with the student to ascertain the reasons for the work not being completed
• The student may well be given a second chance when homework is normally completed to a high standard and on time
• Senior students may be required to complete the work in lunchtime, departmental or, if problems persist, after school detentions
• The Tutor will be informed should the lack or standard of homework become a regular issue and parents will be informed by the subject teacher in the first instance. The Rewards and Sanctions Policy will be followed.
• Continued problems with homework will result in the Tutor/Class Teacher/Director of Learning contacting the parents so that further strategies in line with the whole school Code of Conduct can be agreed.

Should you have any questions about your child’s homework, please contact your child’s Tutor or the relevant class teacher in the first instance. Further enquiries may be escalated to the Heads of Department, Directors of Learning or the Assistant Principal Academic. A list of contact details for the Heads of Department can be found below.

Head of Art

Mrs A Gwynne

Teacher in Charge of Design and TechnologyMr D

Head of Business and Economics

Mr M

Head of English

Mr D

Teacher in Charge of Food and Nutrition

Mrs J
Head of Humanities (Geography, History, Sociology and Politics)Mrs L

Head of Maths

2nd in Maths

Mr M McCormack

Miss H Elliman

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs I

Teacher in Charge of Music

Mr P

Head of Performing Arts

Mr N

Head of PE 

Mr C Miller


Teacher in Charge of Psychology

Mrs L
Head of REPs and PSHEEMrs M Flynn-Haddon


Head of Science

2nd in Science

Mr P Tyrrell

Mr J Floyd