Bus Routes

We currently operate a number of bus routes to pick up and drop off in key locations. These services are available for both Prep and Senior pupils. Places can be booked for every day or some days within the set fee. If you have any questions please contact the school office on 01787 474040 or email us.

Current Users | Contacting Drivers

Bus users will be provided with a contact number for their driver. Please do let them know if you are not going to use the bus so that they do not wait unnecessarily and so cause delay to other passengers.

If you need to speak to the driver of your child/ren’s bus during operating hours (7am to 8.45am and 3.45/4.45pm to 5.30/6.30pm), the driver will not answer, but will call you back when it is safe to do so.

Should you have any problems contacting the driver during these hours call Richard Hume on 07794 912647.

If you wish to contact the driver of your bus outside operating hours for any reason, please send a text clearly explaining the situation. Leave your number so the driver can call back if necessary. Note that any such message regarding a child’s absence from school does not avoid the obligation to call the school by 9am latest to explain their absence.

For more information please contact registrar@gosfieldschool.org.uk

Bus Costs And Travel Zones

For costs please view our Bus Routes leaflet from our School Downloads page or via the link below.

Bus mobile phone number: 07869693643

Bus mobile phone number: 07869692933

Bus mobile phone number:  07869690515

Bus mobile phone number: 07869699145

Bus mobile phone number: 07869697106

Bus mobile phone number: 07869698352