About Our Curriculum

The aim of Gosfield School is to deliver a curriculum which meets the needs of all in a manner that stimulates, challenges, excites and encourages each pupil to question and enjoy the opportunities available to them. This aim underpins the whole school approach to curriculum planning and at Gosfield School we believe that every pupil is entitled to a curriculum which is rich and varied, challenging and inspiring, and one which enables and provides the opportunity for each pupil to fulfill his/her potential to the highest possible standard.

Early Years

Reception class follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. The provision of a balanced, broad-based, relevant curriculum is presented in an ethos that helps every pupil feel happy, safe and secure. Structured and child initiated activities foster the development of self-confident, independent pupils who demonstrate an enthusiasm for learning. All pupils have an outdoor Forest School lesson once a week and go swimming. Subject specialist staff teach Computing, Music, PE and Performing Arts.


Years 1 to 6 receive an hour of English and Maths each day. A creative curriculum is used for curriculum subjects such as Science, History, Geography, RS and PSHE. Spanish is introduced from Reception and is taught by a subject specialist.  Specialist staff also teach Computing, Music, Pe and Games for Years 1 to 6. Verbal Reasoning lessons are introduced in Year 3. Specialist teaching for Science, Geography and Food Technology begins in Year 4.


The curriculum provides for the teaching of PSHE which is taught to pupils from Year 3 as a timetabled discrete subject. The provision for spiritual, moral, social and cultural education and the teaching of British values are covered in these sessions.

Forest School

All pupils have a Forest School lesson every week.

gosfield early years

Individual Learning Needs

At Gosfield School we screen pupils for learning difficulties and special educational needs. We also act upon any information passed on by the pupil’s previous school. We highlight those pupils who are more able, gifted and talented and those who have specific learning difficulties. The provision for a pupil with a learning difficulty depends on a pupil’s need being formally diagnosed and may include such help as support within a classroom and/or individual and group support outside the classroom. More able and gifted and talented pupils are provided with opportunities to extend their knowledge in extension work in the classroom. There are activities which stretch and challenge these pupils and they are closely monitored. Teaching staff are well informed, have up to date knowledge of effective learning and teaching strategies and are skilled at teaching pupils with learning difficulties and those with particular special educational needs.

Achieving full potential

Considerable emphasis is placed upon academic success, though it is important that as much attention is given to those who find the work challenging as to the more able. Staff monitor academic performances closely and take remedial action promptly in the case of those pupils who are struggling. All staff are aware of the potential of their pupils and are dedicated to ensuring that they achieve or exceed them. Pupils are expected to give of their best and are encouraged to develop their natural talents to the full. Modest results for pupils who may find academic work challenging are as worthy of recognition as are outstanding results for others who may be academically gifted.


The purpose of homework is:

  • To reinforce, support and help in the understanding of work covered in class
  • To enable completion of courses in sufficient depth and breadth
  • To enable pupils to establish a routine for study

Prep Homework

Homework in the Prep School is appropriate for the age and development of the pupils. Pupils are expected to read at home daily. Maths and English homework are set weekly.  Mental maths, times tables and spelling, punctuation and grammar homework are introduced from Year 2. As pupils progress through the Prep School, the number of pieces set increases gradually to prepare pupils for the Senior School. Homework is set a week in advance to allow plenty of time for pupils to complete. A homework timetable is produced at the start of the academic year.