gosfield school

Further to the Government’s announcement yesterday regarding the next phase of the Coronavirus strategy, we are updating our advice to all members of our community with the new guidance as follows.

The Government has announced that Schools and Colleges should remain open and so Gosfield School will be open as usual. We would again reiterate that everyone who enters the site should observe the Government guidance on hand hygiene.

The new advice is that anyone displaying a new continuous cough and/or high temperature should self isolate for 7 days. Therefore we would request that any pupil, staff member or family member displaying these symptoms remains at home and follows Government guidance as given here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance/stay-at-home-guidance-for-people-with-confirmed-or-possible-coronavirus-covid-19-infection

Please do contact us in the usual way should you or your child need to be away from School for this or for any other reason.

The School is actively planning for the management of learning with a potentially reduced level of staffing, given the new guidance, alongside how to manage learning should the Government decide to close all Schools – should that decision be taken at some point in the future. We will communicate our plans for both eventualities with you shortly. Our prime concern is the health of all members of our community of course, but we also wish to ensure that we can operate business as usual for as long as possible and to the best of our ability. Our pupils deserve that, and you and our staff deserve our support to ensure this can happen.

We will of course update you as information is released and as always, we thank you for you for your continued support in these unprecedented circumstances.
Kind regards,
Guy Martyn Principal