Guest Pupil Days for 2020 Admission

When School is open

Usual admission to Gosfield School is by way of a Guest Pupil Day. Parents and applicants are invited to visit the School and/or to apply to attend a Guest Pupil Day to initiate the application process.

Guest students will follow our Senior School timetable for their Guest Pupil Day. Each will be allocated an existing student to accompany them throughout the day and have the opportunity to meet some of our subject specialist teachers and use our extensive facilities. These days can be arranged on most days of the week to suit guest students’ preferred subjects where possible.

  • Start time: 8.35am
  • Collection: 3.50pm

Lunch is provided. A full list of kit requirements and what to bring with you will be sent prior to the day, along with some simple forms to ensure that we can attend to any specific medical, dietary or other needs while the child is in our care.

During School closure

Gosfield School can continue to accept applications during the Coronavirus school closures.

Our pupils continue to thrive through our extensive remote learning package. To commence an application for now or in the future, please contact our Registrar at or telephone 01787 474040 Press 1 for Admissions.

Applicants are not required to complete an Entrance Exam as our focus in on optimising progress for each individual student, regardless of their starting point.  However, prior to joining our School, all applicants complete a computer adaptive assessment in order for us to begin to personalise the student’s education from the point that they join, and to identify any additional support services that may be required. The assessment can be conducted during the Guest Pupil Day or organised on a separate day after any conditional Offer is made. We will recommence our Guest Pupil Day programme once schools re-open. 

Email us here to register for a Guest Pupil Day

Scholarship Awards for 2020 admission

Scholarship applications for 2020 admission are now closed. Applications for September 2021 will open in the autumn term 2020.

Find out more and apply here

Bursary places for 2020 admission

We are committed to providing a limited number of places to pupils whom we believe are most likely to flourish at Gosfield School, regardless of their means. The closing date for applications for Bursary Places was Friday 13th December 2019. Applications for 2021 intake will open in the autumn term 2020.

Find out more and apply here

Useful documents

We will need to see a copy of your child’s latest School Report and any further evidence academic records.

Receiving an offer

Offers are made at the Principal’s discretion. Conditional offers are usually extended within five working days of a successful Guest Pupil Day.  If any potential additional requirements have been identified, provision and any associated costs will be discussed with parents.

Accepting a place

Successful applicants will be sent a letter confirming details of the offer. This will include a pack containing an Acceptance Form which you will need to complete and return to us along with a refundable deposit of £500.00 to secure your place in order of receipt.  Where places are currently unavailable, you will be advised that the students name will be added to the waiting list.  The pack will also contain other forms to be completed and returned along with the Acceptance Form.