In a world full of uncertainty Gosfield School celebrated the continued success of its A Level students as they shone with outstanding results and individual stories of personal achievement. 

Kyron achieved all A* and A grades and will now be going to study Business Management at Essex University, whilst Jacob scored three straight A grades and will pursue his vocation to study Medicine at Imperial College, London. Kyron completes a long association with Gosfield School as he has been with us since Nursery! Kyron said, “It’s amazing. I have no words really, I didn’t think I’d get that, I’m so happy”. Head Girl, Emily achieved the grades to pursue a career in Family Law, initially by working with a local solicitor firm, whilst deciding whether to take up her place to study Law at the University of Kent, she said, “I’m so excited. I get to choose whether to take my University course or not now and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do that”. 

Principal Guy Martyn was delighted with the exceptional achievements of all the students, despite the great and unusual pressures they faced this year. “We’re so pleased that even though the world has placed us all into such unusual circumstances, the hard work and perseverance of our students has been rewarded; their future is bright, unaffected by all the changes put upon them. With these grades they can all leave to enjoy the course and career they dreamt of. For them, the future really does start today.  

Even though we had the brand new process of student grades being provided by teachers and then checked and standardised by the exam boards our teachers know their students so well that grades were awarded with a very high degree of accuracy. I am incredibly proud of everything our teachers and all our staff have done to make this possible. The small class sizes and personalised tuition we provide here at Gosfield School make a big difference, and we saw that absolutely in these results. Overall, three quarters of all grades at A Level were between A*-B, with 40% being either A* or A, very similar to last year’s results. Everyone gained at least a C grade in their A Levels. For a non-selective School such as ours this is a tremendous achievement.”