Our Core Values

Everyone at our School, Pupils, Teachers, Support Staff and Governors are committed to three touchstones. These guide our direction, influence our decision making and provide foundations for our pupils’ experience during their formative years as part of our Gosfield family.

This is delivered through an environment in which individuals are provided with the foundations on which to grow and develop in all aspects of their educational and pastoral lives. Pupils are educated in a small and caring setting and encouraged to achieve their personal best in all aspects of their lives. Every individual’s contribution is counted and valued within a friendly and supportive ethos, where pupils and staff inspire one another, and in turn inspire others.

Grow – Grow with the Gosfield Family

Situated in 110 acres of parkland, green space and woodland, we provide the perfect setting to grow stronger, more self-assured and curious and ready to embrace a world of opportunity. Pupils gradually grow to become ready to take responsibility for their own actions and their consequences; and to stand up for others less fortunate.

Achieve – Achieve Beyond Expectation

Whether Nursery toddlers exploring the Forest, Prep pupils grappling with phonics, Senior students striving for better grades or competing for the region, Sixth Formers applying for University or Governors investing in new developments; everyone is encouraged to aim higher and exceed their personal best and achieve beyond expectations.

Inspire – Inspire Confidence to Embrace Challenge

We believe that confidence is the result of growing and achieving; and the nurturing environment and encouragement received at Gosfield School converts challenges into opportunities for all. Our work is structured and designed to inspire confidence to embrace challenges; and every day our pupils inspire our Teachers.