Guiding Principles

We all support the school code of conduct:

  • We recognise there are consequences to our actions should we choose not to follow our agreed guidelines
  • We are kind, friendly and respectful to everyone and we treat our school with care
  • We listen attentively to others and raise our hands to ask a question
  • We are on time for all lessons and activities with the correct equipment
  • We look smart by wearing the correct uniform at all times
  • We strive to be the best we can in all we say and do
  • We want to be recognised for our efforts and achievements and we expect that this will take place at school

Our teachers praise us verbally, they offer positive encouragement, write positive comments on our work, give us responsibilities, share our work with others, display our work, and promote that we praise others.

gosfield code of conduct

Praise Points:  Pupils are awarded praise points as a reward for exceptional work, community spirit and enterprise, sporting achievements etc.  Praise point totals are recorded weekly and put towards the House total.  The House with the most praise points wins the House Merit Cup. Praise Certificates are awarded throughout the year for those who achieve the following praise point scores in a term: Bronze: 50 praise points, Silver: 100 praise points, Gold: 150 praise points, a Platinum certificate is also awarded to those who score in excess of 200 praise points; they are entered for the House draw at the end of the academic year.

Commendations:  Pupils are awarded commendations for special achievements such as demonstrating talent, an excellent approach to learning or a community achievement.

Assembly:  Our achievements are identified and celebrated in assembly.

Newsletter:  Our achievements are identified in the newsletter.

Certificates:  Certificates are awarded for Effort, Progress and Achievement at Speech Day.

Star of the Week:  In the Prep School one child from each class each week is awarded star of the week by their class teacher.

Stickers:  Stickers may be used by individual teachers to recognise our successes.

Notes:  Notes home in a variety of forms may be sent by our class/form/subject teachers to recognise success.

Speech Day:  Achievements throughout the year are celebrated.