Old Gosfieldians

Welcome to the official page of the Old Gosfieldians association. Everyone is welcome to share their memories from the school – old or current, parents and students, cleaner or teacher.

Just any association with Gosfield School at some point in time. We would like to compile a list of past pupils and staff to allow us to find out your news and to allow us to put people in touch with each other. This page is in its infancy so please help us to begin to build our network of Old Gosfieldians.

We hope that your school days were some of the best days of your life and that you will stay in touch, keep us up to date with your achievements and come back and visit soon. In return we would like to update you with news of your former school friends, invite you to special “Old Gosfieldians” events and help you stay connected with old friends and teachers alike.

Please note, we don’t endorse any of these activities, and of course ensure that all our children know what are the right actions to take and the consequences for not doing so! However, these tales certainly provide some wonderful historical colour.

If anyone has anything they think would be interesting to go on the site such as old pictures or classmate searches please do get in touch: alumni@gosfieldschool.org.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.


Gosfield Alumni Stories

"On Sundays we used to walk two abreast to Gosfield Church. This particular Sunday there were roadworks in front of the houses just below the Lodge. Someone near the front decided to pick up a cone, and several of us following did the same, only to put them down again about fifty yards further on, in effect moving the roadworks. Unfortunately someone saw us and reported it to the school. When we returned we had to assemble, until the culprits owned up. I seem to remember there were about ten of us. We all had to line up outside the office for a few strokes of the cane. There were about four of us left when the cane broke, Mr Pineger said he would deal with us tomorrow, but never did. I’m sure he did it on purpose, as the uncertainty was far worse than the deed."
"Rather stupidly one night we made a bomb, with the help of ingredients from the science lab and the garden shed. A length of two core electric cable, fuse wire, large cider bottle with cork, and a cardboard box, oh, and rather importantly the battery off the head masters car. Around midnight we went to what was the playing fields over the road. Set up our apparatus with the cardboard box over the bottle to contain the glass. Fortunately we did have the good sense to hide behind the tree between the football pitch and athletics field. We were totally unprepared for the loud bang, and flying glass that resulted! There is probably still glass in that tree! As for the cardboard box, it was like confetti, with just the base of the bottle remaining. There was a frantic rush to return the battery, and climb back into the School via A form flat roof (now the library) which was single story then. The explosion was heard back in the School, but we got away with it. Needless to say we didn’t try that again."
"I was very keen on athletics especially cross country. When preparing for county events I would go out training (with permission) at lunch time, with the added bonus when I returned the kitchen staff would save me an extra-large dinner."
“I was a pupil at Gosfield from 1963 to 1967, in Neville House. The cellar was accessible to us and at one stage we even had a TV set up. The boiler was fed by coal and we often had to shovel coal down into the cellar. Just by the entrance door to the cellar was the store room, the key was kept in the kitchen just across the hall, which was great for us hungry lads. I now live in New Zealand and have been here since 1967. I have visited Gosfield three times.”
'So here we all are, locked in with nothing to do. The garden is looking great, the cupboards have been tidied, the garage has never looked so clean.., time to sit down and trawl through some old photo albums just for old times sake. This is a very long winded way of saying that maybe this photo, should be included in your Gallery. This is a picture of the Athletics Team, early 60’s, coached by Mr Keenan, extreme left. I am standing in the top row, second from left. Whilst I can remember some of the names, a lot do escape my rapidly failing memory. I am sure someone out there can put names to faces, and it would be great to see that result in print. I was at Gosfield from 1959-1969, together with two brothers, John and Henry, and a cousin Derek. My Grandfather carved a wooden shield in the design of the School Badge. It used to hang in the front hall. I wonder if it is still there. The only regular contact I have with anyone from my era is Richard Kerry, who now lives in South Island NZ. Got to go now, apparently I have another job to do around the house, and there I was thinking I had done them all..!'