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Dress Code, Uniform and Equipment

Blazers must be worn for registration, assemblies and when moving around the school. They may be removed during lessons only with permission from staff.

Uniform should be worn correctly throughout the day unless otherwise directed by members of staff. Ties should be worn, shirts should not be unbuttoned and shoes should be clean and polishable (canvas or trainer style shoes are not permitted). High heels are not permitted. Boys’ belts should be black with a plain buckle.

In Games, PE sessions and activity sessions, pupils should wear the Gosfield school PE kit with appropriate footwear, and not their own casual wear, unless directed specifically by the member of staff responsible for the activity.

Boys' hair should be short and off the collar with fringes that do not cover the eyes. The minimum clipper size is 2.

We recognise that taper fade haircuts can be smart. To ensure that pupils do not have haircuts that we consider to be extreme, the difference between the length of hair on the side of the head and on the top of the head should not be significant: no greater than a difference of 5 cm between shortest hair and longest hair. Specifically, the minimum clipper for the sides and back should be a 2 graduated to at least a 4 as it meets the longer hair on the top of the head. The shortest hair should be no shorter than clipper size 2.

Girls' hair must be off their face and long hair tied back. Hair should not be dyed unnatural colours. No extreme hairstyles are permitted.

Pupils are not permitted to use nail varnish, false eyelashes, eye liner or eyebrow pencils. Foundation, mascara and clear lip balm are permitted, providing any makeup is deemed 'natural' by a member of staff.

Jewellery is not permitted unless parents request in writing if they wish their son or daughter to wear an item due to religious or medical reasons. Watches may be worn and girls may wear only one pair of stud earrings in the lobe.

Boys are expected to be clean shaven. Side burns are not permitted.

Sixth Form boys are allowed to wear stubble or facial hair but it must be neat and not excessively long. Sixth Form girls are permitted to wear heels no higher than 3 inches.

Pupils who do not adhere to the dress code will receive appropriate sanctions.

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