A co-educational independent through school

After School Activities

We actively encourage pupils to discover new interests and try out new activities. The programme is reviewed each term to ensure we continue to introduce new activities whenever possible, and that pupils make full use of our facilities. Pupil numbers are limited for each activity and places are offered on a first come first served basis.

Extra-curricular activities

Activities run from 4.00 until 4.45pm, Monday to Friday for Prep and Monday to Thursday for Senior.

Prep School

Prep and Senior School

Senior School


Bingo (Yrs R-2)
Hama Beads (Yrs R-2)
Board Games (Yrs 3-6)
Art Club (Yrs 3–6)

Football (Yrs 5–8)
Forest Fun (Yrs 6–8)
Horrible Histories (Yrs 6+)

Football (Yrs 9+)
Trampoline and Badminton (Yrs 7+)
Music (Yrs 7+)
Debating (Yrs 7+)
Photography (Yrs 9+)
Enterprise (Yrs 7+)
Prep (Yrs 7+)


Yoga (Yrs R–2)
Tap Art (Yrs R–2)
Pom Pom Making (Yrs 3–6)
Problem Solving (Yrs 3–6)

Girls Club (Yrs 5+)
Fun with food (Yrs 5–8)

Minecraft (7+)
Rugby (Yrs 10+)
Netball (Yrs 7+)
Googlebox (Yrs 7+)
Strategy Games (Yrs 7+)
The Culture Train (Yrs 7+)
Prep (Yrs 7+)


Puzzle Club (Yrs R–2)
Exercise to Music (Yrs R–2)
Netball (Yrs 3-6)
Rugby (Yrs 3–6)
Coding Club (Yrs 5–6)

Table Tennis (Yrs 5+)
Football (Yrs 6–8)
Performing Arts (Yrs 6+)

Horse Riding (offsite) (Yrs 7+)
Reading/Book Club (Yrs 7–9)
Electronics/Robotics (Yrs 7+)
Classic Film Club (Yrs 7+)
Prep (7+)


Colour Me Calm (Yrs R–2)
Performing Arts (Yrs R–5)
Tennis (Yrs 3–6)
Gymnastics (Yrs 3–6)

GOGS – Gosfield Orienteering and Geography Skills (Yrs 6+)
Gosfield Girls Club (Yrs 6+)


Rugby (Yrs 7–9)
Hockey (Yrs 7+)
Creative Writing (Yrs 7+)
Minecraft (Yrs 7+)
Prep (Yrs 7+)


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